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Beginning Bridge with Craig Mills

Wednesdays.  7 pm - 9 pm.  Eight weekly lessons, starting April 10 through May 29.

Bridge is a fun, social way to meet new people and keep your mind sharp in a friendly, competitive arena.  It’s the best card game in the world!  Whether you’ve spent your life playing pinochle, spades and hearts, OR whether you’ve never played a hand of cards in your life, this introductory class will teach you everything you need to know to begin bidding and playing bridge. 

We will introduce the concepts and process of playing bridge using the modern Standard American bidding system.  The class includes a mixture of lecture and discussion, as well as hands-on experience playing bridge! 


$150 for all eight lessons.  Lesson material and refreshments included.


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Play of the Hand with Craig Mills and Joe Grill

Wednesdays.  7 pm - 9 pm.  Eight weekly lessons plus Sherpa game on August 14, starting June 12 through August 14 .


June 12: Making a Plan (Craig Mills)

June 19: Promotion and Length (Joe Grill)

June 26: The Finesse (Joe Grill)

July 3:  NO CLASS

July 10: Trumping and Discarding (Craig Mills)

July 17: Watching Out for Entries (Craig Mills)

July 24: Watching Out for Opponents (Joe Grill)

July 31: Managing the Suit (Joe Grill)

August 7:  Putting it All Together (Craig Mills)

August 14: Sherpa Game


BEST VALUE!  All eight lessons with textbook included:  $150

Individual lessons:  $20 per class

Play of the Hand in the 21st Century Textbook:  $20

Thinking Bridge With Al BenderIntermediate Level.

Wednesdays.  9 am - 10:30 am.  Eight weekly lessons, starting April 17 through June 5.

We learn bridge by adopting a set of rules that work MOST of the time, "Second hand low" , "Third hand high", "Honor from the short side."  In "Thinking Bridge" we will learn to analyze the clue available to come up with a winning defense or winning play.  Students will be presented with hands to play or defend, playing with 3 robots.  After each hand we will analyze and categorize each hand for future reference.  

$140 for all eight lessons.  Tablet or PC required.  Refreshments included.

Contact Joe to register.  e-mail:

Regisgter HERE

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